linings of cement lines and lime kilns

linings of coal, biomas boilers and fluid bed boilers

devices for production of hydrogen, sulfiric acid, combustion of flue gasses etc

brick and glass furnaces, malt roasters, combustions and exchange devices

Teplotechna DIS s.r.o.

The company Teplotechna DIS s.r.o came into existence in 1998 from former employees of the state company Teplotechna Olomouc established in 1950, which provided heat technical facilities, including lining to whole of the former Czechoslovakia and abroad.

The organisation was established with a team of workers having extensive experience in the design of linings in the field of realization as well as skilled and technically experienced bricklayers. This allowed Teplotechna DIS L.T.D to achieve its goals in field of refractory linings of heat technical aggregates.


roof of boiler

Refractory lining of biomass boiler in 2017

In 2017 we supplied and installed refractory lining for boilers combusting biomass in Finland, Holland, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Total  weight of refractory lining for these biomass boilers were approximately 120 tons


Refractory lining of TPR reformer for hydrogen production

We have successfully completed refractory lining installation of a reformer for hydrogen production.  The reformer is for the refinery in India.

TEPLOTECHNA DIS s.r.o. Olomouc
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